Obviously, you want the best quality hair for hair, but it’s very confusing trying to figure out the best one. Many people don't know the difference between Raw hair & Virgin hair. So today, we shall demystify raw and virgin donor hair. Keep reading to finally know the difference.

What is One Raw Donor Hair?

Raw donor hair is exactly what it sounds like. It's unprocessed human hair that someone has donated. That means it’s 100% unprocessed hair which means, it has not gone under any chemical treatment or heating process.

Raw hair is the purest and most natural form of hair available on the market. The donors can come from the Asian countries of India, Cambodia, Vietnam, Philippines and Burma. After harvesting, the hair goes through an intense sanitizing process. After that, it's turned into wigs or extensions.

There's just something about raw hair that is so luxurious and beautiful. It's like the best of both worlds – you get the natural beauty of virgin hair, but it's much more durable than the processed hair. And because raw hair can come from one donor, the cuticles are all aligned in the same direction, which makes it almost tangle-free. Because Raw hair also tends to be much more durable than processed hair, making it a great choice for long-term wear.

Authentic Raw hair 

But there’s a disadvantage of raw hair and that is there's not a lot of variety available. This means that the hair patterns will not be hot and trendy styles like tight curly or body waves from this hair. It only comes in Natural straight, Natural wavy, Natural curly and curly.

With the rising demand for raw hair, it has become increasingly difficult for companies to consistently provide a whole bundle of single donor hair. Sometimes they have to source raw hair from multiple donors. But this doesn’t mean that the hair is processed. Most corporations will not specify whether or not their raw hair bundles are single or multiple donor. There is also a difference if a bundle is 1-2 donors or 4-5 donors. If a company sells ‘’one donor’’ hair for a relative low price, please keep in mind that there is a high chance that it’s mixed. This happens because many manufactures are not honest about their one donor or multiple donor hair. As a result, many hair companies are now selling ‘’one donor’’ hair, not knowing that it’s mixed. True, authentic Raw one donor hair, has a higher price point. In our opinion, The Inches Club quality is excellent with our one donor and our multiple 1-2 donor natural hair. Single donor hair is usually more expensive, but it's worth the investment if you want the best possible results.

What is Virgin Multiple Donor Hair

Virgin hair is simply hair that has been processed. This means it has been steam processed, dyed, permed, relaxed, bleached, or otherwise altered. Also, most hair are from multiple donors. It's the cheaper form of hair you can get and the most sought-after type for extensions and wigs. But processed hair can only last op till 1 year max.

Virgin hair normally comes in popular types such as Peruvian, Brazilian, and Malaysian hair. This is a selling tactic. Because mostly this hair is scrape hair mostly from India. The hair is collected from difference places and put together to make a bundle. The hair will undergo a lot of treatment to look like the perfect hair bundle. But after a while the silicon coating will come off and the hair will shed and tangle a lot. U will also find a lot of virgin hair from Vietnam that’s why we make sure that our hair is authentic RAW hair that has not been processed.

The Inches Club hair only has Vietnamese Bone straight as ‘’virgin’’ hair in the collection. Because it’s process to make the hair extra sleek.

Raw Hair or Virgin Hair- What to choose?
Here’s a summary of what you need to know;

  1. Raw hair is different from virgin hair.
    Virgin hair has been steamed and processed to give it texture such as deep wave, loose wave and more. Also it’s processed to make it more shiny and straight. But raw hair has not been processed, or chemically altered and will behave like natural human hair growing out of your head. For this reason, raw hair requires more love, care, and attention.

  2. Raw hair usually comes in three textures; natural straight, natural wavy. The curly is rare but possible to find. It is not possible to find styles such as deep wave, kinky curly, and body wave with raw hair. To achieve these patterns, raw hair would have to be put through professional steaming processes. After this process Raw hair turns into Virgin hair.

  3. Raw hair requires different maintenance from virgin hair, with raw hair needing much more moisturizing and conditioning.

  4. Raw hair is usually better quality and lasts longer, making it worth its high price. Virgin hair is less expensive and can last up to 1 year.

  5. Raw hair is limited due to its sources, while virgin hair is always available.

Final Take Away

So, what's the verdict? Both types of raw hair can be excellent in quality. If you want to try out the raw hair trend, make sure you get your hair from a reputable source, like here at the Inches Club. We sell raw hair that comes from one donor or 1-2 donors, so you know it's of the highest quality. For multiple virgin donor’s hair, make sure its hair from healthy and untreated donors.


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