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Vietnamese closure wavy

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Our authentic HD and thin transparant closures matches perfectly with your hair extensions. It is there to allow your natural hair to rest and give an illusion of a natural hairline. We will always ensure to match the closure perfectly with the bundles you desire.

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Product description

A lace closure is a hair piece that is used to create a hairline. This can be installed through a sew-in or can be used for a wig. Hairs are attached to the lace by means of ventilation. Closure/frontal matches perfectly with the hair extensions. This can be used to give your natural hair a rest (protective hair style) or if you would like to match the bundles perfectly.

Natural straight & Natural wavy have the same characteristics, the only thing that is different from natural straight hair is the wavy structure. Natural wavy holds a curl better by blow drying or using a curling iron. Furthermore, after being washed, its original condition will always be wavy.

Model specs: Lavinia is wearing 3 bundles 22'' and a 4x4 18'' HD closure

How many bundles?

Depending on what you would like to achieve with hair extensions, THE INCHES CLUB recommends bundle quantities. If you would like to add volume, 1-2 hair bundles should be sufficient. To add volume and length, for a full head of hair, a minimum of 3 bundles is strongly recommended. In addition, we stock both single-drawn and double-drawn bundles, which you will have to take into account when making your decision. As a rule, 'single drawn' bundles tend to have less volume on the lower part of the hair compared to 'double drawn' bundles. For best results and longevity purposes, please note that we use natural hair, and should therefore be treated with as much respect and care as you would with your own hair.

As a rule of thumb, we recommend the following:

 For full head weave & wig:
12'' - 16'': 2 or more bundles

18'' - 26'': 3 or more bundles

28” - 34'': 4 or more bundles

 For fill up with weave & microlinks:

12'' - 16'': 2 or 3 bundles

18'' - 24'': 2 or 3 bundles

26'' - 34'': 2 or 3 bundles

For tape-ins:

Our double drawn tape-ins are sold per 50 gram bundles. 50 gram bundles consist of approximately 20-25 pieces.

For a full head result, 150 grams are recommended and for the maximum fullness 200 grams are recommended. For even more volume, feel free to order more than 200 grams.

Tape-ins hair donors:

100 grams: 2x50 grams from one donor
150 grams: 2x50 grams from one donor + 50 gram from another donor. 2 donor's in total.
200 grams: 2x50 grams from one donor + 2x50 grams from one donor. 2 donor's in total.


The thick and dark mane is what is used to describe raw Vietnamese hair. This stunning hair originates in Southeast Asia, specifically from Vietnam. The hair is cut, wefted and cleansed. Thanks to the healthy and simple lifestyle full of vitamins and minerals of the women in Vietnam, the hair is of the highest quality. Additionally, hair is taken from villagers habiting in high mountains. The hair is therefore not damaged by sunlight which results in a strong and silky texture. The hair is often cut from young women (80%), aged 18-25.
Vietnamese hair is often straight, which is therefore the main texture. Raw natural wavy is more rare.

Vietnamese hair is of superior quality as Vietnamese women rarely straighten or process the hair. The hair is often untouched and therefore undamaged and they reach great lengths of 30 inches or above. The hair is very thick, soft and silky and it is capable of being very versatile in hair styles.

Important facts

Authentic HD lace is very delicate and it goes through a thorough production process. Especially during covid times, with high demand and low supply, prices have risen. We, THE INCHES CLUB, guarantee authentic HD lace only and therefore charge the slightly higher price in return for quality and longevity.

HD and transparent swiss lace closures and frontals have a thin structure. The HD closure/frontal typically blends more on but is consequently also more fragile due to the thin structure. Transparent swiss is somewhat more coarse in structure, will typically blend a bit less, but in return for this the transparent swiss typically lasts longer.

The final look of your lace will depend most on your stylist and a proper install.

*Closures and frontals may have short hairs because the hair is 'ventilated' like this. Each side has a shorter and longer side, both attached to the lace.

*Hair loss from our closures/frontals is extremely rare. Since the hair is sewn into the lace, losing the occasional hair is normal as it is attached. Please note that cutting lace might result in an increase of hair loss.

Please note that, as with natural raw hair, there might be occasional grey hair. However, the hair in our closures/frontals are thoroughly inspected and the appearance of grey hair is kept to a minimum. 

Pros and Cons of HD Lace


-HD lace's texture entirely disappears into the scalp when installed properly as the lace is very thin.
- As a result, the lace creates the impression of a scalp.
- HD laces can be installed without the use of glue.
- Small knots in the lace will result in the most realistic hairline.
- Initially, there will be single knots for a realistic hairline which will gradually transition into double knots to strengthen the hair. Single knots only will result in a thinner closure and therefore the closure will become bald quicker.


- HD laces are of delicate nature and have to be handled with care. Thinner material will rip relatively quicker.
- Does not come with ‘bleached knots’. Bleaching of the knots is required and it is advised to let a professional handle this.

Pros and Cons of Transparent Lace


- Thin transparent lace
- Small knots on the lace result in a realistic hairline
- Single knots in the beginning. Initially, there will be single knots for a realistic hairline which will gradually transition into double knots to strengthen the hair. Single knots only will result in a thinner closure and therefore the closure will become bald quicker.
- You can install transparent lace without using glue.
- To match the skin tone, transparent laces can be tinted or dyed.
- The lace material is slightly thicker compared to HD lace therefore it will not rip as easily. The longevity of the lace is remarkable.


- The lace is slightly thicker and it will not lie as flat on the skin compared to the HD lace.
- Does not come with ‘bleached knots’. Bleaching of the knots is required and it is advised to let a professional handle this.

Raw hair


Our definition of raw hair is unprocessed hair. As long as the hair remains untreated, our definition of raw hair does not necessarily mean it stems from a singular donor. It is however true that the highest quality hair will be of one donor. Considering this is of the highest quality and specific to certain products, we will clearly indicate whether our hair is ‘raw one donor’ hair or not. 


Raw hair is exactly as its name implies; raw, unprocessed, 100% human hair. In this case, unprocessed means that it has not been treated chemically, heated, or steamed.  As long as the hair is not processed in any way, raw hair can also mean multiple donors. 

In terms of purity and naturalness, raw hair is unsurpassed. There is no comparison to raw hair for quality and durability.

It is important to note that, THE INCHES CLUB raw hair manufactures source the hair directly from donors and then process it through a stringent sanitising process.

Raw hair usually comes in two styles: straight and natural wavy. Compared to virgin hair, raw hair is usually less silky and slightly coarser. Since it's not processed with chemicals. It is also possible to find raw hair in curly patterns, such as our Indian curly collection

Read more about RAW vs VIRGIN hair in our blog

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