Whether you are considering trying hair extensions for the first time or have used them for years, the number of options available in the market today can be both exciting and overwhelming. One popular choice is Tape-ins, a low-maintenance option to apply both volume and length to your hair. Keep reading to learn about it.

What are Tape-Ins?

Tape-in extensions are thin strips of hair sandwiched between your hair and secured with double-sided tape. You can install tape-in extensions at home but having them installed by a licensed cosmetologist is the best way.

Why Use Tape-Ins?

Tape-in extensions are most popular hair extensions due to them being lightweight, virtually invisible, and easily applied. People with all hair types can also wear tape-ins in different hair textures and lengths.

 How to Apply Tape-in Hair Extensions

These are the steps you need to follow when using tape-in hair extensions. You need to be very cautious when applying tape-in as they are susceptible to entwining.

- Wash your Hair

Spend time washing and drying your hair to ensure it is clean. Washing makes the tape-in extensions last longer.

- Separate A Portion of Hair Across the Scalp

By using a comb or a finger, separate your hair with a horizontal portion where you will apply the tape-in extension. This method ensures that the upper hair hides the clips of the wings.

- Tie the Top Hair

You can use a band or a clip to section of the top hair section you will work on.

 - Remove A Small Part of Hair from A Non-Clipped Portion

Take a thin strand of hair about the length of your extension from the hair below your portion line. Ensure that the hair is light enough that your fingers can feel each other through the hair.

- Apply For the Hair Extension

Lift the strand of your hair a little bit, remove the strip covering the adhesive or the medical-grade glue, and press on the bottom extension below the lifted strand. Ensuring that the top and bottom extensions are stuck together. Repeat this process until all the extensions have been applied. 

The number of extensions used depends on the size of the head and how voluminous you want the hairstyle to be. Avoid tangling, by brushing your hair regularly. Before you go to sleep, cover your head to prevent the extensions from tangling.

How Long Do Tape-Ins Last?

Tape-in may last 1 to 2 months after installation. However, this depends on how fast your hair grows and how well they are cared for. 

After removing the hair extensions, you can reinstall our tape-in collection for several years. But this all depends how you take care of your tape-ins.

Final Take Away

Tape-in extensions are the perfect solution for a luxurious and sophisticated way to add length, volume, and thickness to your hair. We, at THE INCHES CLUB have an assortment of high-quality extensions that will give you the desired look. Shop our collection and see the difference quality makes.


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